Are You Ready for What’s Coming?

European Bus Tour 2023

A bus tour with a message for all of Europe

There is a storm on the horizon…

We must prepare, while there is still time.

A great storm of deception is heading our way.

Who would not admit that we live in troubled times?

It’s easier to look to something outside ourselves, like the government, to solve the issues.

As we enjoy the benefits, we yield our freedoms and government becomes our master.
But one day, what we created will destroy us.

Selfishness is the true problem. It is the fatal flaw of man. Bigger social programs can’t remove injustice from humanity. It takes a radical change of the heart,
to escape from the web of deception and selfishness that lurks in the human heart.

We are a group of believers who serve God earnestly
according to the Bible, but in a special way.

Like the early disciples in the book of Acts,
we live together and share all things in common.

We are Believers, but We are outside of organized religion.

All over the world, there are communities that you Can visit, where families and single people live together in farms and in Houses.

We are not the only ones. There are others with the Same heart, who sense the deceptions of this society and its Systems.

They are the ones of whom Yahshua said, “My sheep hear my voice and I know them; and they follow me.” (John 10)

We set out in buses
to find these people,
to bring them home.

Our bus tour will go to many regions and countries of europe

wherever our God will lead us, we will go.

At the start, We know only the countries and the months where we will go.

The exact dates and places will be revealed in time.

Advanced scouts will go out, looking for someone that receives us.

They will show us the place. Then we will establish a camp.

From there, we will go to the nearby towns to share Our hope.

We will call people back to the camp to hear more.

The Tour
where it will go
Places where we live around the world. You can visit us.
Learn more about the bus preparations
Meet some of the people on the tour
Read some of our literature
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