Arrived in Romania

We were so thankful for our two weeks spent in Bulgaria.

We have walked through the streets of Sophia and other nearby towns, 
playing music, singing and dancing.  We met so many smiling faces and 
talked to many friendly people as we went.  Three very special young 
people, as well as many other guests, joined us Friday night for our 
Sabbath meal. On Sunday,as we packed up in preparation for leaving, 
still more guests came.  We are so thankful for those who visited us, 
pouring out their hearts and creating very dear friendships.  What a 
miracle when the hearts of people from many countries are bonded 

Early on Monday morning, the 21st of August, we pulled out of El Paso 
Ranch for the last time.  Our long journey began to our community in 
Romania.  Along the way we encountered a wedding in one small village. 
We were welcomed with much hospitality by the wedding party.  We then 
continued on through many small towns and villages. Eventually we 
arrived in Predesti.

There we spent the night.  Now, we have arrived at our first campsite 
outside of Bucuresti.  We will be camped here through Sunday, as we 
travel through the city of Bucuresti, playing music, singing and dancing 
once again.

Please come to see us. We look forward to meeting you, too!

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