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Final Camp

Now we are at our camp near Cluj-Napoca – the last camp of our tour! Cluj-Napoca is also called the “Heart of Transylvania”, which recently became the hot-spot in Romania.  Luring many young people into the modern society and comfortable living. In this area, you can find every culture, philosophy, religion with the historical values. …

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Going to Iasi

We continued to our next camp near Iași.  At our camp in Bucharest we were extremely grateful of how the localauthorities received us. In the few days we spent here we were able totouch hearts with some people from the area. We hope to keep in touchwith you and see you in our communities. Please …

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Arrived in Romania

We were so thankful for our two weeks spent in Bulgaria. We have walked through the streets of Sophia and other nearby towns, playing music, singing and dancing.  We met so many smiling faces and talked to many friendly people as we went.  Three very special young people, as well as many other guests, joined us Friday night …

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Arrived in Bulgaria

Very thankful and tired we arrived in our destination in Bulgaria. Our host showed remarkable hospitality to us. Our camp is located onthe land of the Ranch and we wake up in the morning surrounded by beautiful landscape of mountains and pastures.During two weeks we will go from place to place offering the hope we …

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We invite YOU!

We are going from one city or town to another looking for people who are longing for a new beginning.We dance, sing and hand out invitations to our life – but especially to our own event for this coming Sunday, August 6th!We would love for anyone to come to our camp and hear more about …

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

We were so thankful to spend one week in Slovenia… and go to different cities.The people are very open minded and receptive. The country is beautiful, very orderly and clean. The people seem to be very conscientious and still have dignity.It was so wonderful to dance and hand out papers in the capital – Ljubljana. …

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What Does it Mean to be Born Again?

Sakar had difficult questions, finding some answers but even more questions, like “He who wishes to keep his life will lose it, but if you lose your life for my sake, you’ll find life eternal”. But how do you do it?

Growing Up in the Twelve Tribes Communities

Over the years, we in the Twelve Tribes have sometimes faced questions about the raising of our children. “Indeed, all who desire to live godly lives in Messiah will be persecuted, while evil men and imposters go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.” 2 Tim 3:12-13

The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Let’s look back to 21 years ago in East Germany. In January 1989, the president of East Germany, Erich Honecker, said, “The wall in Berlin will stay another hundred years!” At that time, Michael Gorbachev was the president of USSR (Russia), and he brought a completely new direction. He saw that the system of Communism was breaking down, and he wanted to change things. He wanted to work together
with the citizens.

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