Bus Preparations

We started with a SETRA 5215 HD tour bus. After making sure that it was mechanically ready for the trip, we set out to paint it with the distinctive maroon-and-cream colored curves. Carefully the areas were masked off, first with the maroon, then with the cream.

You may have seen the Peacemaker 1 or Peacemaker 2 buses in the USA. We would take them to concerts and give free medical care to needy show-goers. Our Setra buses would look just like the Peacemaker buses, in hopes that people would recognize the people with the same spirit.

The interior is made for hosting people, as well as carrying our people from place to place. We want to make a special place where people can experience the peace and love of our Creator. In the near future, you will see in the pictures of the tour – what makes the buses special is the people inside them.

Then we added the message to the people of Europe – “Are You Ready For What’s Coming?” along with our website address. This message is the same as the freepaper we will hand out everywhere.

We hope to find the ones who are concerned about the future and where society is headed. With this hope, we headed out in June.

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