The buses depart

After days and nights of preparations, the buses are ready to go. The beautiful maroon-and-cream colors are like other buses our group has used. The main bus departs from Czechia, headed for our first destination – Belgium.

Meanwhile, in Spain, a second bus is now ready. Our friends give us a nice send-off, while they stay behind to host the many hikers passing along the St James Way in Igeldo.

7 thoughts on “The buses depart”

  1. Hello there, Was amazed to see the photo of your buss in Ooijk, a friend of us saw it. So welcome in Belgium. So are we, my wife and I, we are from Holland serving the church in Belgium. Let me know if you`re going in our direction. We live in the region of Gent. How long do you stay in this country and what is the purpose of your mission?
    God bless you,

  2. We are so happy you have begun your expedition. We are praying and watching your travel progress and keeping up in our geography classes! May you make many friends! Thank you for updating…

  3. Greetings,
    We are hoping to see more pictures of this tour, it will be so good to watch even videos of how things are going.


  4. A wonderful woman from Croatia was here in the Oak Hill New York Yellow Deli and she is so excited that your tour will go through her homeland of Croatia! We are hoping that many Europeans will come through our doors this Summer and we will let them know of your amazing journey. Melevav

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