Final Camp

Now we are at our camp near Cluj-Napoca – the last camp of our tour!

Cluj-Napoca is also called the “Heart of Transylvania”, which recently became the hot-spot in Romania. 

Luring many young people into the modern society and comfortable living. In this area, you can find every culture, philosophy, religion with the historical values.

Many people move to this city to find life, but is there any? If there would be life, then you would find love and a place to belong. If you are weary of your society and of your own life, please come and visit us at our camp site or come home with us. The Creator actually has a place for you to belong, where you can give up your life and serve others daily.

Our camp is located just outside of Cluj, on the road DN16, before the town Corpadea. Come for a tea or cookie, or stay with us! 

We would love to meet you.

Address: Apahida, DN16, 6, Romania

For More Details Call: +40739257430

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