An Invitation


Our buses will be touring many countries in Europe. We are proclaiming a warning, along with a message of hope. Our leaflets have the image of a terrible storm fast approaching. It is a metaphor for the oppression that is coming. It comes in many forms, and it is near.

We live together, in communities. We are like one big family sharing all things in common. We live as the first disciples of Jesus lived, as described in chapter 2 and 4 of the book of Acts in the Bible. Like them, it is a radical movement that lives to bring about the hope of a new age of peace. Our life and message strikes at the root of the world’s problems – the selfishness of man. Only love can and will overcome it.

Many today look to the government or a large social security system to remedy the needs of society. But those needs are meant to make us seek for our Creator in times of hardship. As we turn away from our own selfishness, we learn to care for our fellow man in his time of need. By removing the struggle, socialism causes individual selfishness to grow unchecked. It offers bread for the body, but no nutrition for the soul and spirit.

Having received the same message that the son of God preached two thousand years ago, we have thus received the same love that he offered: the love of God. This love makes it possible for us to live together and remain in love and unity. This love empowers us to overcome self-life.

Our bus tour does not have definite destinations yet. We want to meet people who are willing to serve God and be together with his people in bringing his Kingdom of love on earth.

As the people we meet welcome us, and offer us hospitality, the destinations will be revealed. We will set up simple campsites where we can stay for a few days… or weeks. From there we will tour nearby towns and cities. We will hand out leaflets, playing music along with folk-dancing in the hope of meeting more people, talking and touching hearts. This movement will spread, to give people an alternative to what’s looming on the horizon.

We hope that this message will touch your heart and that you will come to our camp. There we can talk more and get to know each other better. Maybe our God will awaken in you the interest to visit some of our communities and become disciples like us.

We are waiting for you,
Your friends of the 12 tribes.


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