To Bastogne

Our bus leaving the Gooik campsite
At the Gooik campsite

Sunday, July 2nd, came the time to pack up our things in Gooik and head to our next destination near the border of Luxembourg: Bastogne. We bid farewell to our neighbors. Off the buses went towards the East! Since nothing is far in Belgium, we arrived in about 3 hours to the “Chalet Royal”, where our host Dennes, a Dutchman, warmly welcomed us, despite the extreme business of his restaurant. He and one of his employees went out of their way to show us where to connect the water and the electricity, which they graciously accepted to provide for us. Dennes and his brother took on this restaurant from their parents, and it seems they have the same heart for hospitality as our previous hosts. He even lets us use his bathroom. The atmosphere in their restaurant is very much like “a big family”. We hope we can make as good an impression on them as we did in our previous location.

Our Camp in Bastogne
The camp in Bastogne

We arrived there around 6pm and quickly set up camp, as everyone was giving all. It was up in no time, and soon after dinner was served. There is now a little witness and a place to belong in Bastogne, near Luxembourg.

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