Ljubljana, Slovenia

We were so thankful to spend one week in Slovenia… and go to different cities.
The people are very open minded and receptive. The country is beautiful, very orderly and clean. The people seem to be very conscientious and still have dignity.
It was so wonderful to dance and hand out papers in the capital – Ljubljana. It is a very international city – most people we met and talked to were from other countries.

We are extremely thankful for the farmer in Rob (Slovenia) who freely and happily allowed us to set camp on his meadow. They are indeed very special people, just like their friends that camped nearby also…
We are looking forward to coming again. We would like to spend more time in Slovenia – one week was really too short. Hopefully many people will respond to the many papers/flyers we handed out.

Hvala, da ste nas sprejeli in nam odprli svoj dom. Se bomo spet videli.

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