We arrived in Croatia! Here We are!

We drove off early this morning from our camp in Slovenia and headed towards Croatia (near Zagreb).
The roads were very busy… and lots of traffic jams.
We expected to arrive at our new camp ground approx. 3 hours after our departure. But due to all the traffic jams, we took 6 hours!

But as we arrived at the most beautiful spot we were amazed. Our God led us to this meadow, and we believe that He will direct us the people He wants us to met in Croatia.
We will set up camp today… and from tomorrow on we will be at different cities and dance, sing, hand out invitations and talk with interested people. We want to invite anyone who wants to know more about us to come visit us at our camp site.

Please come and see us on August 6th, at our camp at:
Ladvenjak, Hrvatska
Call us: +385924366980

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