Why We Are Leaving France

We have been in France for 40 years seeking to live in accordance with the Word of God and putting it into practice like the believers of the first Church. Like them, it brought us to leave everything behind in order to follow the Son of God, live and work together, have all our resources in common, raise our children according to our convictions and teach them at home, proclaim the Gospel.

However, in the past few years, this lifestyle has become more and more difficult to live out in peace in this country; To such a degree that today, we must leave so as to not compromise our faith.

We desire to teach our children at home, where we can teach them according to the Word of God. The French law does not allow us to teach our own children in our community.

It is also very difficult to support ourselves. We do not believe in receiving welfare and other social security money. But we must pay much of our income into this system.

Also, we are prevented from sharing our faith. We cannot pass out literature or share our faith with anyone.

For these reasons, we are leaving behind our home, to find freedom somewhere else.

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  1. of course, there is a sadness which is understandable but are we not told that this kind of persecution is nearly automatic the closer we get to the End? actually, we are told to rejoice when these things happen.

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